A Life of Her Own

I’m delighted to announce the release of my book, A Life of Her Own. This historical novel set in the 1820s traces the determination of a young Englishwoman to travel to Italy, despite her lack of funds and, even more requisite, male relatives as escorts. Her goal is to contribute to the exciting discoveries of the time, particularly in what we now call archaeology. But she learns that the road from London to Pompeii is difficult and dangerous for women, no matter how careful they may be.

My book is available in two formats: as an e-Book on Kindle ($4.95) and as a 402 -page paperback on Amazon.com ($14.95).



These comments from prepublication readers have thrilled me. For details on the plot, inspiration, and sources for Margaret’s story, read more about the book here.

Wendy Zomparelli


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