A Season of Uncertainty

In the first months of 2020, Ingeborg, Esmeralda, and I were looking forward to a spring busy with readings, book signings, bazaars, and school visits. Then came the coronavirus. To those who have suffered the loss of a neighbor, friend, or family member, I send heartfelt condolences.

Signings and school visits are a great channel for me to acquaint readers with Princess Ingeborg and the Dragons. But there’s one thing even better – a recommendation from a friend.

If you’re comfortable with using social media, please tell your Instagram or Facebook friends about the book. Also, please consider posting a review on amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, or goodreads.com.

And now that we’re entering the holiday season, please keep Princess Ingeborg and the Dragons in mind when you’re thinking about gifts for children. I’m happy to send you a signed, inscribed copy (details below).

And if you’re looking for fun stocking-stuffers, Andrea’s illustrations for Princess Ingeborg are featured on items from ceramic mugs to phone cases at RedBubble, including face masks for children and adults. Every illustration offers a wide range of choices, but expect to do some searches and clicking to find everything. Full disclosure: We receive a small royalty on Princess Ingeborg merchandise.

Late notes: A friend who has tried the masks found that the 8- to 12-year-old size was too small for her child, an average-size 8-year-old. She is modifying the 2-layer regular adult size to fit her child and adding a nose wire to keep the soft fabric from sliding down.

I can report that the adult 3-layer masks with adjustable toggle beads and a nose wire are very comfortable – and they draw lots of compliments. In my experience, RedBubble is easy to work with on returns if you’re not pleased.


Signed Copies

To order a signed copy, email me: wendy@wendyzomparelli.com. Specify whether you prefer just a signature or an inscription; if the latter, include the name of the person to whom the book should be inscribed and anything special (e.g., Happy Birthday) you’d like me to say. Include the address where you would like it sent. The cost is $20, which includes priority shipping, packaging, sales tax and the book’s $14.95 price.

For delivery before Hanukkah, please order by Dec. 1. For Christmas, order by Dec. 15.

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